Gosling 500 Piece Giant Causeway Puzzle


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  • 50 x 34 cm
  • Illustrated by Courtney Davis
  • 500 PCS
  • Made in Ireland
  • Age 10+ Years


Gosling 500 Piece Giant Causeway Puzzle

Gosling 500 Piece Giant Causeway Puzzle. The world-famous Giant’s Causeway (irish: Chlochán an Aifir) on the County Antrim coast. It is an amazing formation of around 40.000 interlocking basalt columns arising from the sea. Hexagonal in shape and somre rising to 12 metres in height. They were created by rapidly cooling lava from a volcanic eruption 60 million years ago.

A little bit about Gosling Puzzles – Games proudly made and designed in Ireland

They pride themselves on supporting Irish artists, having their products also made in Ireland.  And keeping a hands-on approach with a little input from family and friends

Every product aims to deliver learning and discovery as well as buckets of fun. Gosling Games is built on a deep love for Ireland, drawing from the beautiful natural landscapes. Also the rich cultural heritage in our myths and legends. And also the attractions that are visited by millions every year.

Since 1987, the business has evolved and branched out into a varied range of design-led products. Collaborating with Courtney Davis, Muirghein Harding Smith, and also William Helps. Mary has developed a series of Irish-themed jigsaw puzzles and more. Working alongside these artists to create vibrant imagery to bring their initial ideas to life.