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Galt Marble Run


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  • 6 chutes, 6 curves, 9 tubes, 3 bases, 6 marbles and colour guide.
  • For 4+ years


Galt Marble Run

Introducing Galt Marble Run. 24 brightly coloured pieces in 4 different vibrant shapes to slot together into a marble run. It also comes with 6 marbles and colour guide. Children will  really enjoy devising a variety of routes for the marbles to roll along as they descend to a home base. This marble run is sure to provide hours and hours of creative fun for your little ones!

Marble runs are truly an amazing toys for kids. They allow children to learn how to construct, manipulate, engineer, explore, and also experiment all while introducing them to a beginning understanding of physical principles! A fascinating toy for young children which requires dexterity and also their imagination. Our sets are bright, durable and very appealing to little eyes. Watch your marbles come down in different directions through the tunnels.

Playing board games is great for  for reducing stress and makes for laughter. Board games offer multiple ways to develop a number of thinking skills. For example, problem solving, logical thinking and decision making are developed through: planning within a restrictive amount of choice

Suitable for children age 3 years and over. Check out more in Board Games And Puzzles