Flyin Feathers


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  • It’s feather-flyin’ fun as 2 to 4 kids play this game of cat versus bird!
  • The cat sits perched on the game’s birdcage. Kids take turns picking a key to try to open the cage.
  • The key must be inserted in the lock and turned up to the number of times written on the key. Suspense builds as players wait for the feathers to POP!
  • If the cage opens, the bird ‘escapes,’ the feathers go flying, and that player wins a token! Three tokens wins the game!
  • Makes a great gift for kids aged 5 years and older especially cat lovers!


Flyin Feathers

It’s a tale as old as time cat versus bird, and the chase is ON! Flyin Feathers™ kids game features a mischievous cat perched on a bird cage. Players choose a key with a hidden number. The number tells them up to how many times they may turn the key to try to open the birdcage. If they succeed, the bird escapes the cat’s clutches and THE FEATHERS FLY HIGH! The player who opened the cage gets a token. The first player to earn 3 tokens wins! Flyin’ Feathers™ is a fun way to bust the boredom and makes a great gift for kids 5 years old and up who love playful suspense and surprises! Colours and decorations may vary.