Falk Baby Moto


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  • Improves balance and coordination to prepare your child before they start riding on a bike
  • Colouration: green
  • Total weight: 3,7 kg
  • Motif: Without theme
  • Perfect for any gender
  • Age 1+ year


Falk Baby Moto

Introducing the Falk Baby Moto. Are you looking for a bicycle for your child, but are they still in need of some practice? If so, you should take a look at the Falk Baby Moto Team Bud Racing Green. It will provide lots of fun and the opportunity to learn better coordination and balance. This balance bike is suitable for children from the age of 1 year. The weight of this balance bike by Falk equals 3,7 kg, and it carries 25 kg. Suitable for kids aged 1 to 3 years approx.

Sit and ride toys really accelerate to your child’s development. For example, once kids explore the ability for using their arms and legs there is no stopping them. As they push, pull, pedal and kick. To be sure, they delight in their very own new set of wheels! These toys are a lot of fun and will give your kids a sense of freedom. They help kids to become more creative and confident. As a parent, it is important to instill confidence in your kids. Ride-on cars give you this opportunity. When your kid plays with this toy, they will learn how to move around and maneuver the car as you cheer them.