FabLab Soapy Sculpts


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  • Shaping Tool, Gloves, Instruction booklet, 4x Soap Clays (Yellow, Blue, Pink and Green), 4x Mould Soap Dishes (Cactus & Plant Pot, Avocado & Toast, Pineapple & Fruit Bowl and Ice Cream & Cone), Rolling Pin, Rolling Mat
  • Age 8+ Years


FabLab Soapy Sculpts

Who knew soap making could be so fun? With FabLab Soapy Sculpts you can create and display cute, colourful and scented clay soaps!

They’re easy to make with step-by-step instructions. Includes 4 clay soap colours and 4 moulds that double up as a soap dish – Cactus & Plant Pot, Avocado & Toast, Pineapple & Fruit Bowl and Ice Cream & Cone!

Break off a piece and also run under warm under, lather up in your hands. And enjoy the smells and also colourful bubbles from your custom-made soap! Or crumble a little and hold under running water for a bubble bath! FabLab is a range of activity kits that enables children to explore, play and experiment with their style in a fun and safe way. Handmake each Soapy Sculpt to use or display. This FabLab kit makes the perfect gift for people ages 8 and up. Each mould is made to display the soap it shapes!

FabLab cosmetics are 100% non-toxic and also designed specifically for children.

Perfect for having fun with your best friends and a must have for parties, sleep-overs, play-dates or anytime you want to have fun with your friends!  From Glitter Tattoos, Hairlights, Nail Art Kits, Tie Dye Kits, Bath Bomb Making Kits, Invent a Scent, Screen Printing and more.