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Essentials Painting Set – Acrylic


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  • ROYAL BRUSH-Essentials Art Set: Acrylic Painting.
  • This kit is packed full of all the great items that you will need to create beautiful works of art!
  • Package Contents
    • One acrylic artist pad
    • Twelve 12 ml watercolor paints
    • One six well palette
    • Three brushes
    • One palette knife
    • One graphite pencil
    • One white eraser
    • One pencil
  • Age 9+ Years


Introducing Essentials Painting Set – Acrylic

This package contains one acrylic artist pad, twelve 12 ml watercolor paints, one six well palette, three brushes, one palette knife, one graphite pencil, one white eraser and one pencil sharpener.

This Essentials Painting Set – Acrylic is a must have for any Arts and Crafts fan! An ideal Birthday, Christmas or any time gift. Browse this, the Essentials range and other similar products online and instore today.

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