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Disney Princess Style Collection Travel Purse Set


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  • Contents: A play purse, a key, a key ring, a key charm 8 pieces of play money and 5 play coins
  • Dimensions: 5.96L x 18.41W x 18.41H cm
  • The World Travel Purse, with its soft construction is perfect for any princess on the go!
  • Durable, cross-body purse stores all your fun accessories in style
  • Age 3+ Years


Disney Princess Style Collection Travel Purse Set

Introducing the Disney Princess Style Collection Travel Purse Set. The Style Collection World Travel Purse Set has everything a princess needs for her on the go adventures! Before you head out for a day of exploring new worlds, make sure you have your keys and money. This stylish purse fits all your essentials so you can be ready for any adventure that awaits! You’ll be ready for any outing carrying your Style Collection World Travel Purse.

The 2D animated Disney Princesses - Disney Princess Photo (36128212) - Fanpop

A little bit about Disney Princess

Every little Disney fan has a favourite Disney Princess. The Disney Princess names are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Tiana, Mulan, Merida, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, Moana and Raya. Over time, the number of Disney Princess characters has increased and now there are thirteen official Disney princesses. Explore the enchanting world of Disney Princess with our range of dolls, playsets, wheeled toys and more.
Explore the enchanting world of Disney Princess. With games, crafts, puzzles, outdoor toys, dolls and also endless magic, your dream has only just begun.

A Disney Princess is everything a small child hopes to be: intelligent, kind, beautiful, and brave. It is important to remember that, despite being called princesses, not every Disney Princess is of royal blood. Heroines like Belle, Mulan, and Tiana were not born princesses, proving that any girl can become a princess, too!