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Dinosaur Operation Game


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  •  Dinosaur operation board game
  • Place the body parts into the Dinosaur, spin the arrow, and using the tweezers provided, try to remove the body parts without waking him!
  • Board game for kids – Interactive fun for 2+ players
  • Age 3+ Years


Dinosaur Operation Game

Challenge yourself to see if you have steady hands trying to operate on the Dino – one wrong move and it’s all over! Spin the game arrow to indicate which part of the dinosaur’s body you should extract but don’t let the tweezers touch the Dino’s side or you will lose the points for that round! The player who collects the most points win! Operation Games – Simply Place The Body Parts Into The Dinosaur. Spin The Arrow And Using The Tweezers Provided Try To Extract The Chosen Body Part Without Setting The Buzzer Off

This crazy game of operation will have you roaring with laughter; test your nerve and skill to conquer the dinosaur. Get hours of fun from this game – just don’t touch the edges, or you lose! Will you complete the dino operation without waking the beast?

Playing board games is great for  for reducing stress and makes for laughter. Board games offer multiple ways to develop a number of thinking skills. For example, problem solving, logical thinking and decision making are developed through: planning within a restrictive amount of choice

Suitable for children age 3 years and over. Check out more in Board Games And Puzzles