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Dart Board 43cm


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  • The dartboard measures 43cm in diameter
  • 6 darts included
  • Age 8+ Years



Dart Board 43cm

Introducing the Dart Board 43cm. Anyone for a game of Darts? Avoid boredom on a rainy day with the Double Sided 17″ Dartboard. This fantastic board is sure to bring the family together for a fun game of darts!

Features: The dartboard measures 43cm in diameter. 6 darts included. Age 8+ Years

Playing darts challenges your brain in a number of ways, and increases aim and hand-eye coordination. Getting a bull’s eye takes practice and a lot of brainpower! Consistently playing darts is fantastic mental exercise. In fact, it exercises the largest part of your brain: the cerebrum. The most popular game of darts people play is the 501 (or 301). As you throw your darts, you try to go from 501 points to zero by subtracting the score you have accumulated each turn.

Studies show that participating in sports can keep your concentration and critical thinking skills sharp, as you age. Sports that have a mix of muscle-strengthening and aerobic activity are especially beneficial. Social interaction is essential for a healthy brain – it improves mood and reduces stress.  Sport has many physical, developmental, psychological and social benefits for children. Playing sport helps children learn to control their emotions and channel negative feelings in a positive way. Playing sport helps children build resilience and also feel better about themselves.