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Crazy Can Alley Target Game


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  • Crazy Can Alley Target Game
  • Age 3 years +


Crazy Can Alley Target Game

Firstly You have to be a crack-shot to conquer Tin Can Alley. Set up the 10 cans and take it in turn with friends to throw the bean bags. The one who knocks down the most cans wins the game. You can even fill the cans with water to make them harder to budge – just make sure you’re playing outside.

A great gift for ages three and up. Can be played in the garden, beach or park For even more fun fill the cups with water . Tin can alley game is a classic fairground attraction, taking aim and skill to knock the tins down with the throwing bags. The game is simple yet addictive, consisting of ten bright red tins, each one numbered. The simply stack up into a pyramid ready to be knocked down, and the difficulty can be increased by moving the throwing line further away.

Warning: Choking hazard – small parts Not suitable for children under 3 years

Finally Board games are table top games that typically use pieces. These pieces are moved or placed on a pre-marked board and often include elements of table, card, role-playing, and miniatures games as well. Many board games feature a competition between two or more players. Board games not only make our brains brighter and also bigger (metaphorically). But they also help release happiness hormones, reduce overall stress, and also teach patience and strategic thinking.

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