Crayola Washimals Peculiar Pets Palace Case


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  • Colour and wash adorable little pets with this peculiar palace for washimals pets
  • Use markers to draw and colour on pets. Scrub the pets to remove the design, then colour all over again. Keep kids creative for hours
  • Folds up into a portable playset that kids can take anywhere
  • This creative arts and crafts toy is a ideal gift for kids, age 3 and up
  • Includes a folding palace with three markers, two toy pets, spray bottle and brush
  • Featuring peculiar pets. Neddie the Yeti and Una the unicorn
  • Age Suitability: 3 Years +


Introducing Crayola Washimals Peculiar Pets

Crayola Washimals are adorable puppies that children can look after, decorate and customize with markers following the fantasy…. But the fun does not end here! Just bathe your puppies and start over for hours of creative fun!

The range consists of many playsets that allow you to collect puppies. Each of them has a name… all to discover and collect!

They are covered with a velvety coat that makes them even more adorable… they can be decorated and coloured in many ways and when you want to change design, just water and brush to bathe them and start again! This Crayola Washimals Peculiar Pets is a must for any fan!

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