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Clementoni Interactive Tool Truck


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  •  A colourful lorry and an activity suite with numerous pieces to be taken apart and tools to help little ones build up their manual skills!
  •  The engine unit with component parts on the side can be dismantled. One of the games children can play is using a screwdriver to loosen the various parts.
  •  The rear pistons move up and down when hit with the hammer.
  •  The front wheels are double-sided (with or without snow chains) and can be removed and swapped around for an adventuresome time whatever the terrain!
  •  It has an activity button on the window for learning letters and lots of songs, rhymes and fun noises designed to help kids assimilate numbers and shapes.
  •  2 separate tools: hammer and screwdriver for playing and pretending to repair, take to bits and put back together.


A bright, speaking truck with numerous play modes to welcome children into a world of fun and learning. An activity centre with tools and removable parts. Thanks to the truck’s interactive keys, numerous songs and fun sound effects, children can discover letters and learn numbers and shapes. Alvaro interacts with children and reproduces realistic sound effects. Ideal for children aged between 9 and 36 months, the truck stimulates imagination, sensory skills, dexterity and an understanding of cause and effect relations.

When you move it up and down, Alvaro speaks, sings and reproduces realistic sound effects…just like having a real truck in your home. The activity selector located on the base allows you to choose between a learning mode (abc) or a music mode (music note) for endless fun.

The engine and front wheels really come off! The engine block with its cog mechanism can be removed, and the twin-sided wheels can be turned round, changing them from smooth to snow chain. Fun pop-up pistons will also move up and down, reproducing sounds, when they are hit with the play hammer. And if you press the pistons, Alvaro will speak and present geometrical shapes.

“A brightly coloured hammer and screwdriver are included, so young mechanics can develop their imagination and dexterity by playing at repairing and assembling. Children can use the screwdriver to turn the cogs. When you turn them with the motor on, Alvaro will teach you the numbers 1 to 3 with messages and songs.”

“Alvaro is also a fun activity centre. An interactive window will help children learn the first letters of the alphabet and lots of songs. Turning the cogs will help them learn numbers, and pressing the pistons teaches shapes using nursery and funny rhymes. Designed, developed and tested in Italy.”