Bruder 1:16 Schaeffer Compact Loader with Figure and Accessories


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  • Detachable rear coupling
  • Loading arm can be enhanced by accessories
  • Detachable tipping front shovel
  • Drticulated steering
  • Fully functional loading arm
  • Scale 1:16
  • Age 3+


Bruder 1:16 Schaeffer Compact Loader with Figure and Accessories

Bruder 1:16 Schaeffer Compact Loader with Figure and Accessories. Schaeffer 2034 compact loader with articulated steering, fully functional loading arm and detachable bucket, solid anti-roll bars around the drivers seat, detachable rear hitch and rolling wheels with tyre tread. Accessory set of loading forks and pallet plus posable figure included.

Bruder Schaffer compact loader 2630 with toy figure and accessories(BF2191). This mini shovel or loader from Bruder is a nice addition for both a construction site or on the toy farm. It is an articulated shovel, which means that it steers because the front and rear are only connected by a pivot point in the middle. The front loader can be tilted up and down. The Bruder shovel can also be fitted with pallet forks and thus transformed into a small forklift. The compact loader has a tow bar at the rear, so that a Bruder trailer can also be coupled. To complete the set, the playing figure is also included in this set, as is the pallet. Suitable for boys and girls from 4 years old.

Bruder (toy manufacturer) - Wikipedia

Bruder toy vehicles range from garbage trucks, cement mixers, tow trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, snow plows and fire engines! Children at play are at the heart of everything Bruder does. Playing is not an end in itself, it also enables the child to gain experience for its development in the adult world.

The Bruder line is based on toy quality, durability, selection, play value and award winning reputation. Bruder makes each toy with high-quality materials and also meticulous attention to detail.  Which is why they’re so popular with kids and collectors.  If you’re looking for a sturdy, well-made toy, you can’t go wrong with a Bruder product.