Bruder 1:16 MB Sprinter UPS with Driver and Accessories


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  • Opening door in the cabin
  • Opening side door
  • Opening rear door with opening angle up to 270 °
  • Front adapter for connecting equipment
  • Shipping box
  • Pallet jack with height-adjustable forks
  • 2 euro pallets
  • Made in Germany
  • Scale 1:16
  • Age 3+ Years



Bruder 1:16 MB Sprinter UPS with Driver and Accessories

Bruder 1:16 MB Sprinter UPS with Driver and Accessories. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is one of the most used vehicles in the supply category. It is an indispensable car for craftsmen, builders and logistics. One of the largest postal companies, UPS also uses MB Sprinters. And now it’s also included in the Bruder collection.

The vehicle is equipped with two-piece rear doors that can be opened to the stops on the sides of the van. You can unload smaller items with the side doors. Accessories include a hand pallet jack, two Euro pallets and shipping boxes in various sizes and corporate UPS colors. Also included in the set is a UPS courier in a typical uniform.

The MB Sprinter is one of the most important vehicles within the van Segment. Its Universal application options in conjunction with the most diverse bodies make it an indispensable tool for craftspeople, in construction, for municipalities and within the logistics industry. Ups, one of the world’s leading shipping service providers, also relies on sprinters as delivery vehicles. This vehicle dominates today’s city streets and has now been added to the Bruder range. The vehicle features a two-part rear door that can be opened up to the limit stop on the body of the vehicle. Remove small items through the side door to save time. The vehicle’s accessories include a manual pallet Jack and two Euro pallets to load or unload heavy and/or bulky goods. This great set is rounded off by a ups driver wearing the company’s typical uniform. Typical ups shipping boxes in different sizes are also included.