Bruder 1:16 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor


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  • Cab lenses made of transparent and unbreakable plastic
  • Removable front weight
  • Trailer coupling with height-adjustable hoist
  • Admission for front loader
  • Hood for opening
  • Steerable and all-terrain front axle
  • Tread tires
  • Steerable with additional handlebar through Tractor sliding roof
  • Scale 1:16
  • Age 3+ Years



Bruder 1:16 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor

Bruder 1:16 Massey Ferguson 7624 Tractor. The model also has all the tractor group for the talking characteristics.  Such as a glazed cabin, doors and hood for opening and the steering function by means of an additional handlebar. Which is introduced by the tractor roof. The all-terrain swing axle enhances agility, while the removable front weight and front loader mount make the tractor a flexible all-rounder. With the height-adjustable towbar, numerous BRUDER accessories and trailers can be added to simulate the complete everyday life of a tractor driver. The required figures are also included in the extensive BRUDER range.

Apart from winning distinction as the “Machine of the Year 2012” . In the category of premium tractors (180 hp to 260 hp) at Agritechnica in Germany. The tractors of the model MF 7600 series won numerous other international awards such as the “Tractor of the Year for Design 2012”. It is, therefore, no wonder that BRUDER adopted this powerhouse into its line of most powerful tractors. The model matches all the features that are characteristic of this class of tractors.  Including a glazed cab, doors and an engine bonnet that open(s). As well as a realistic imitation of the original steering which is provided by an additional steering rod that is guided through the roof of the tractor.

The off-road full floating axle improves agility while the detachable front weight. And the front loader receiver turn the tractor into a versatile all-rounder. The height-adjustable drawbar coupling can be used to add various BRUDER accessories and trailers. Allowing the children to imitate any situation a tractor operator may encounter. The necessary toy figures are included in BRUDER’s comprehensive range as well.