Bruder 1:16 John Deere 7R 350 With Frontloader & Tipping Trailer


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  • Specifications of Bruder John Deere 7R 350 tractor with front loader and tipper trailer:
  • Dimensions:  42,5×17,5×20,5cm (tractor)
  • Brand: Bruder 3155
  • Scale: 1:16
  • Article: Bruder 3155 / Bruder 03155


Bruder 1:16 John Deere 7R 350 With Frontloader & Tipping Trailer

Bruder 1:16 John Deere 7R 350 With Frontloader & Tipping Trailer. Modern agriculture is no longer conceivable without modern tractors. As farmers’ work is not only complex, but also full of challenges, they need the right technology. John Deere 7R series tractors combine a low total weight with high performance. This agile tractor not only speeds up transports, but also drives any operation forward.

This important tractor is new at BRUDER, where it can be found in the agriculture theme world. True to the Bruder motto “Just like the real thing”, the tractor is equipped with many realistic details. The bonnet also opens which shows the impressive engine. Doors can also be opened and offer the optionally available bworld figures space in a modern cabin. Typical of BRUDER is the excellent controllability and ride comfort due to the installed oscillating axle as well as the steering extension that can be inserted through the sliding roof.

This set also features a tandem axle trailer in John Deere colours. The trailer has a tilting function. The upper side panels can be removed and the lower side panels can be opened to 3 sides.

Thanks to the height-adjustable rear coupling of the tractor, however, all other trailers in the agriculture theme world can also be used and can also be loaded at the same time with the existing front loader.

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Bruder toy vehicles range from garbage trucks, cement mixers, tow trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, snow plows and fire engines! Children at play are at the heart of everything Bruder does. Playing is not an end in itself, it enables the child to gain experience for its development in the adult world.

The Bruder line is based on toy quality, durability, selection, play value and award winning reputation. Bruder makes each toy with high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.  Which is why they’re so popular with kids and collectors.  If you’re looking for a sturdy, well-made toy, you can’t go wrong with a Bruder product.