Bruder 1:16 Conveyor Belt Vehicle


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  •  Fold-out drawbar
  •  Height-adjustable chassis
  •  Hand-powered movement of the conveyor belt (crank)
  •  realisitc rubber-belt
  • Scale 1:16
  • Age 3+ Years


Bruder 1:16 Conveyor Belt Vehicle

Bruder 1:16 Conveyor Belt Vehicle. The vehicle has a fold out drawbar and the a height adjustable chassis.  The conveyor belt also has a hand powered crank and a realistic rubber belt, which will add to your learning and play experience. Since ancient times, Conveyor belts have helped men to transport, liftand lower heavy loads such as stones, timber, bulk material andothers. To make it easier for our little master builders and farmersto complete their tasks, BRUDER is now launching a state-of-the-artconveyor belt.

This tool distinguishes itself by its attractivedesign and its lifting and conveying mechanisms that are easy to usethanks to the installed crank. The mechanisms can be used to lift haybales onto the trailer and transport them to the barn as well astransport and unload sand or rock on/from lorries. The conveyor beltcan, of course, also be hooked on to all BRUDER towing vehicles suchas tractors, Unimogs, lorries including the Sprinter and constructionvehicles equipped with a drawbar coupling.

Constructed out of fade-resistant, high-quality ABS plastic, with no glue or screws. Suitable for children aged 4 years and over. The scale is 1:16.

Bruder (toy manufacturer) - Wikipedia

Bruder toy vehicles range from garbage trucks, cement mixers, tow trucks, tractors, combine harvesters, snow plows and also fire engines! Children at play are at the heart of everything Bruder does. Playing is not an end in itself. It also enables the child to gain experience for its development in the adult world.

The Bruder line is based on toy quality, durability, selection, play value and award winning reputation. Bruder makes each toy with high-quality materials and also meticulous attention to detail.  Which is why they’re so popular with kids and collectors.  If you’re looking for a sturdy, well-made toy, you can’t go wrong with a Bruder product