Brainstorm Most Deadly Torch And Projector


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  • Project 24 colour most deadly animal pictures onto walls and ceilings in a dark room
  • Includes 3 slide discs and 24 images of spiders, sharks, snakes, crocodiles and more
  • Creates clear, precise images up to one metre wide – just twist the lens head to focus
  • Fun projector doubles up as a handy torch – batteries included
  • Packaging and instructions are multi-lingual including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian
  • Age 3+ Years


Brainstorm Most Deadly Torch And Projector

Brainstorm Most Deadly Torch And Projector. Bring the world’s most deadly animals into your room with this fantastic projector torch. Simply shine the torch around your room and view scary images of sharks, spiders, hippopotamus, snakes and more. A great bedtime companion to make going to sleep more fun.

The torch comes with three slide discs including 24 colour most deadly animal photographs. Swap and change the slides easily by pulling back the plastic flap and inserting the chosen disc then rotate the disc round to view the fantastic colour images which project up to one meter wide. Images are easily focused by turning the lens head. This product can be used as a normal torch without the slides in place and is great for keeping on bedside tables to give comfort to children during the night.  The torch measures 11cm long and approximately 3.5cm in diameter at the widest point.

A perfect, fun yet educational, gift for boys and girls who are interested in animals. Kids grow out of toys earlier and earlier but torches still appeal to kids into their tween and teen years. Ideal for pyjama parties and sleepovers.

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