Bluey’s Treehouse Playset


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  • Contents: 1x Treehouse playset, 1x Bluey figure, 1x Fairy figure, 4x accessories & 1x sticker sheet
  • Dimensions: 27.9H cm
  • Recreate fun scenes from Bluey’s TV show!
  • On one side of the tree is a replica of the Poinciana Tree in Bluey’s backyard with a ladder & swing
  • On the other side, the canopy flips open to reveal a secret door to a fairy hideaway
  • Check out the hammock that your figures can relax in too
  • Use the stickers to decorate the tree any way you want
  • Age 3+


Introducing Bluey’s Treehouse Playset. Recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show in the Bluey Treehouse Playset! This huge playset is a replica of the iconic tree in Bluey’s backyard where so many of her and Bingo’s adventures take place! Feature-packed and with 2-sided play. This playset has so many different places to play and things for your child to discover.

Firstly, fans of Bluey’s TV show will notice many famous features from different episodes. Like the Swing ladder from “Obstacle Course”. The Rope Swing from “Daddy Putdown” and even the Fairy Hideaway from the “Barky Boats” episode. Kids can make their figures climb up the ladder, ride the swing, slide down the slide, and even relax in the hammock. There is even a secret door behind the canopy for your child to discover a Fairy inside the Fairy Hideaway!

The Bluey Treehouse Playset includes a table and stool accessories. It also comes with stickers for them to decorate the tree. The 6.5cm Bluey figure is wearing a Flower Crown and is articulated and poseable with moving arms and body. The figures are just the right size for pre- school hands to move and play with. Children and toddlers will love to recreate memorable moments and imagine new Bluey adventures with this adorable Bluey toy!

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Bluey is a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is characterised by her abundance of energy, imagination and curiosity of the world. Bluey is a hit with young children, but it’s also found a devoted following among their parents, who have embraced the show’s emotional depth. As well as its messages about creativity, collaboration, and learning through emotional play. Bluey balances gentle humor with some kind of lesson. Check out our range of Bluey toys here.