Bluey My First Trike


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  • Removable parent handle
  • Pedal lock for push along mode
  • Rear bucket for storage
  • Age 2+


Bluey My First Trike

Get moving or cruising in style with the Bluey My First Trike. This is the perfect wheeled toy for toddlers starting to find their feet. An easy switch front wheel clutch allows for both pedal riding or freewheel. Also push-along riding via the removable and adjustable parent handle. The wide EVA tyres provide a smooth and also a stable ride, and the front mudguards helps to avoid any mess. The adjustable handlebar height is perfect for growing riders. And also the rear storage buckets allows companions to join on any adventures!

Encourages the development of balance and coordination. Can be adjusted to growing children as confidence and ability improves with adjustable handlebar height of 50-53cm and a seat height of 32cm. The rear bucket is also great for ride-along storage for all your favourites toys!

Bluey Logo

Bluey is a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is characterised by her abundance of energy, imagination and curiosity of the world. Bluey is a hit with young children, but it’s also found a devoted following among their parents, who have embraced the show’s emotional depth. As well as its messages about creativity, collaboration, and learning through emotional play. Bluey balances gentle humor with some kind of lesson. Check out our range of Bluey toys here.