Bluey Heeler Cruiser Family Vehicle


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  • Contents: A Bandit figure, 4WD Family Vehicle, 2 surfboards and a sticker sheet
  • The Heeler 4 wheel drive comes with 2 Surfboards that are compatible with all Bluey Figures (each sold separately)
  • The Surfboards can be carried on top of the Vehicle using the Roof Rack
  • Decorate and customize your Family Vehicle with the fun Sticker Sheet that’s included
  • There are images of beach friends to decorate with and even images of backseat rubbish so you can make it look just like any real family car
  • Ages 3+


Bluey Heeler Cruiser Family Vehicle

Bluey is a loveable, six-year-old Blue Heeler dog, who lives with her mum Chilli, dad Bandit, and also sister Bingo. She loves to turn everyday family life into endless, playful adventures. Bring the fun and imaginative play home with the Bluey toy line and recreate some of the most memorable moments from the show!

The Bluey Heeler Cruiser Family Vehicle is the perfect vehicle for Bluey’s family outings! Open the top of the Family Vehicle to fit all the family Figures inside. Then close it up and off you go! The Heeler 4 wheel drive is also the perfect match for Bluey’s Family Pack. (sold separately). Suitable for children aged three years plus. Perfect for any Bluey fan.

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Bluey is a six-year-old Blue Heeler puppy who is characterised by her abundance of energy, imagination and also curiosity of the world. Bluey is a hit with young children, but it’s also found a devoted following among their parents, who have embraced the show’s emotional depth. As well as its messages about creativity, collaboration, and also learning through emotional play. Bluey balances gentle humor with some kind of lesson. Check out our range of Bluey toys here.