Blopens Fantasy Creatures Activity Set


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  • Kids love BLOPENS(R) as they can easily create fantastic pictures with amazing airbrush effects!
  • Blow into the pens and discover a new way of colouring
  • Washable and non toxic
  • Colour: Multicolour
  • Number of items: 1.0
  • Form factor: Retractable
  • Age 7+ years


Blopens Fantasy Creatures Activity Set

Blopens Fantasy Creatures Activity Set. Take your creative skills to a higher level and create the most beautiful paintings of animals with Blo Pen’s Fantasy Creature activity set. Paint completely unique animals by giving them horns, wings or other fun and fantastic features. What fantasy animal will you create?

How to use Blo Pens

Step 1

Blo Pens are really easy to use! If you’re using a stencil, first secure the stencil onto your paper by using a low-tac tape. Like washi tape or masking tape.

Step 2

Each Blo Pen is made of a top (cap), a cartridge (the ink) and a mouthpiece (resembling a clear, long lid). Take the mouthpiece off the Blo Pen cartridge, and pull the Blo Pen cartridge out of the top to reveal the pen nib.

Step 3

Put the top onto the opposite end, over the pen nib, and push the cartridge all the way down so it sits snugly. Put the long, clear part – the mouthpiece on the opposite end. As the name suggests, this is the part you blow through.

Step 4

Now, with the Blo Pen around 10cm away from the paper. Blow through the end of the pen to create airbrush effects! Use stencils, or create abstract works of art by laying down strips of washi tape to create geometric patterns.

Step 5

Another great use for Blo Pens is to create airbrushed backgrounds that you can then paint or draw over. Painting silhouettes on top of the airbrushed backgrounds is particularly effective!

Step 6

If you’ve drawn your own picture and you want to use Blo Pens to colour it in – work with one colour at a time. And also make sure to mask off areas you don’t want to spray. Use a low tac, easy-peel mask – something like washi tape or post-it notes (cut to shape), is ideal as it won’t leave a residue when you peel them off.