Ben & Holly Magic Classroom


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  • Age 3+ Years


Ben & Holly Magic Classroom

Ben & Holly Magic Classroom. With Ben & Holly’s Magic Class Set you can help Nanny Plum with her magic lessons! Make up your own magic lessons. Scaled for play with other Ben & Holly’s figures & playsets! (Each sold separately) Styles may vary.  Figures have detachable bases. Make up your own magic lessons. Includes lots of classroom accessories. Suitable from ages three years and above.

Contents: A Nanny Plum, a Princess Holly, a Ben Elf & Strawberry figures (with removable bases), a slug, an easel, a cauldron, a potion bottle and a desk

Batteries Not Required

A little bit about Ben & Holly!

Holly is a young fairy who is still learning how to do magic properly. Ben is an elf and elves don’t do magic, but they are very good at making things. Along with their friends, Ben and Holly have lots of magical fun and exciting adventures playing together in the Little Kingdom. Gaston the Ladybird in all his glory flies and looks like a ladybird, but also displays canine features. He barks like a dog, pants when happy and loves fetching little sticks. In the Little Kingdom everything is very, very small. So the elves and fairies don’t like to be stepped on by ‘big’ people. Check out our selection of Ben & Holly figures, playsets, soft toys and more here.