Barbie Gymnastics Doll and Playset


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  • Barbie dolls waist clips into the C-clip so she can do cartwheels, perform spins, jumps, and more
  • With additional accessories such as the trophy, medal, water bottle and a snack
  • The Barbie fitness doll wears a colorful, shimmering leotard and her blonde hair in a ponytail
  • The doll cannot stand or rotate on its own
  • Contents: doll and accessories
  • Age 3+ Years


Barbie Gymnastics Doll and Playset

Explore a world of competition with the Barbie Gymnastics Playset. When kids play with Barbie, they imagine everything they can become. If you love to tumble, you can be a gymnast.

Gymnast Barbie Doll The Barbie Gymnast doll spins and has more than 10 accessories for high-level competitions. The doll can be whirled through the air using the C-clip mechanism. The set also includes sticks, hoops, a trophy and a suit to warm up for the competition.

Dressed to Perform The Barbie Gymnast doll wears a colourful shimmering leotard. She comes with a warm up suit, extra shoes, trophy, medal, water bottle, a snack, a gym bag and more.

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The Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys in history, but there’s so much more to her than a pretty face. From the very beginning, Barbie served as an inspiration to young girls. They could be whoever they want to be. Her true purpose was to encourage girls to imagine what they can be when they grow up while they play.
One of the ways Barbie influenced girls was by trying many careers. Teenage fashion model, Fashion editor, Fashion designer, Flight attendant, Registered nurse, Computer engineer, Robotics engineer, Video game developer, Mars Explorer…. She was also the first doll on the moon! Shop our full  range of Barbie