Barbie Fashionistas Doll 188 – Checkered Dress


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  • Contents: 1 doll wearing fashions
  • Dolls include different body types and a mix of skin tones, eye and hair colours
  • Barbie doll has a curvy body shape
  • Barbie wears a black-and-pink Checkered dress with a high neck
  • Her long black hair is sleekly styled
  • Her pink sneakers add a modern yet playful look to complete the outfit
  • Designed with a zipper, the reusable vinyl bag is perfect for storing the doll
  • Kids can customise it with their own art supplies, like stickers
  • Age 3+


Introducing Barbie Fashionistas Doll 188 – Checkered Dress.

Barbie and Ken Fashionistas celebrate variety with fashion dolls that encourage real-world storytelling and open-ended dreams! With a wide variety of skin tones, eye colours, hair colours and textures, body types and fashions, the dolls are designed to reflect the world kids see today — and their trendy outfits help set them apart with personalities that pop!

Use the reusable vinyl package to store Barbie fashions and accessories, carry a doll or even decorate it (decorating supplies not included). Kids can express their own style and discover that fashion is fun for everyone! Includes Barbie Fashionistas doll wearing fashions and accessories. Dolls and fashion sets each sold separately, subject to availability. Barbie dolls cannot stand alone. Flat shoes fit dolls with articulated ankles or flat feet.

This Barbie Fashionistas Doll 188 – Checkered Dress is a must for any Barbie fan! Discover the rest of the Fashionista range. Shop this, the entire Barbie range and other similar products online and instore today!

File:Barbie Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys in history, but there’s so much more to her than a pretty face. From the very beginning, Barbie served as an inspiration to young girls. They could be whoever they want to be. Her true purpose was to encourage girls to imagine what they can be when they grow up while they play.
One of the ways Barbie influenced girls was by trying many careers. Teenage fashion model, Fashion editor, Fashion designer, Flight attendant, Registered nurse, Computer engineer, Robotics engineer, Video game developer, Mars Explorer…. She was also the first doll on the moon!