Barbie Extra Letter Board Kit


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  • Interactive toy for unlimited creative possibilities
  • Included markers & myriad of letters for expression
  • Motivates and promotes children’s creativity
  • Ideal for all occasions – rain or shine, indoor or outdoor
  • Designed by the popular children’s brand Barbie
  • Age 6+ years


Barbie Extra Letter Board Kit

Introducing our Barbie Extra Letter Board Kit, all set to spark the budding creatives in your household. This isn’t just any toy, but an interactive plaything that encourages children to express their thoughts, and feelings and unleash their creativity, all while having fun! An absolute problem solver for keeping boredom at bay, this Letter Board Kit is perfect for all the Barbie lovers out there.

Tailored with love by Barbie, this brain-boosting toy is designed to entertain and educate. The kit packs colourful markers and an abundance of letters and images, giving unlimited ways to create inspiring messages and quirky designs. Ideal for both a rainy day indoors and an outdoor garden party, it is certainly the ultimate tool for endless play. So, why settle for less? Choose our Barbie Letter Board Kit it’s way more than just play, it’s a leap towards innovation and imagination.

File:Barbie Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys in history, but there’s so much more to her than a pretty face. From the very beginning, Barbie served as an inspiration to young girls. They could be whoever they want to be. Her true purpose was to encourage girls to imagine what they can be when they grow up while they play.
One of the ways Barbie influenced girls was by trying many careers. Teenage fashion model, Fashion editor, Fashion designer, Flight attendant, Registered nurse, Computer engineer, Robotics engineer, Video game developer, Mars Explorer…. She was also the first doll on the moon!