Barbie Colour Reveal Neon Tie-Dye Doll Assortment


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  • Contents: 1x Barbie Colour Reveal Neon Tie-Dye doll & 7x fashion accessories
  • Fill the tube with warm water, swirl the doll inside and watch as the water turns a pink colour
  • Then pull out the doll to reveal their specific look in a Colour Reveal tie-dye print
  • Each doll has long, neon-coloured hair in a bold hairstyle and a bodice with a cool graphic print
  • Open the 4 mystery bags to reveal their surprises – a tie-dye print skirt, a purse, a pair of neon earrings, a brush and dancing shoes
  • Use icy cold and warm water for a colour-change transformation that can be repeated over and over again
  • Look for the rare Colour Reveal Barbie doll with neon orange hair and a bonus Colour Reveal kid-sized charm bracelet and 2 charms
  • Age 3+ year


Barbie Colour Reveal Neon Tie-Dye Doll Assortment

Barbie Colour Reveal Neon Tie-Dye Doll Assortment deliver an unboxing experience full of surprises – seven of them! A doll with a neon bright tie-dye dance outfit is guaranteed, but each one’s neon look remains a mystery until revealed. The packaging is part of the fun – pull the strip to remove the outer layer and reveal a clear tube.

Remove everything and fill the tube with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl around. The three neon colours merge into a pink, and when the doll is pulled out, the features are revealed! Each Barbie doll has long neon-coloured hair with a bold style and a colourful bodice, but the surprises continue. Just open the bags to discover a tie-dye print skirt, purse, pair of earrings, a brush and shoes. Colour-change effects on each doll’s cheeks add to the surprise and fun. Find the rare doll that also includes a Colour Reveal kid-sized charm bracelet and two charms!

Each series has a unique theme – these Colour Reveal dolls stand out with Neon Tie-Dye party-ready looks. Use the tube to store these and other favourites. Which doll will you reveal? Kids can collect them to mix and match accessories and expand the possibilities (each sold separately)! Dolls cannot stand alone. Colours and decorations may vary.


File:Barbie Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons
The Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys in history, but there’s so much more to her than a pretty face. From the very beginning, Barbie served as an inspiration to young girls. They could be whoever they want to be. Her true purpose was to encourage girls to imagine what they can be when they grow up while they play.
One of the ways Barbie influenced girls was by trying many careers. Teenage fashion model, Fashion editor, Fashion designer, Flight attendant, Registered nurse, Computer engineer, Robotics engineer, Video game developer, Mars Explorer…. She was also the first doll on the moon!