Baby Elegance Mummy & Baby Ducks (Bath Time)


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  • Set of 4 floating bath time toys, for extra bath time fun
  • Large sized Mummy Duck, which floats on the surface of the water
  • With three baby ducks which nest on top


Baby Elegance Mummy & Baby Ducks (Bath Time)

Baby Elegance Mummy & Baby Ducks (Bath Time). The Baby Elegance Mummy & Baby Duck set with 3 little squeaky baby ducks will keep your baby laughing through bathtime. The Baby Elegance Duck Family Bath Toy is super cute and floats in the bath! Three little ducklings nest on Mummy duckie’s back, ready for bathtime adventures. Safe to chew and perfectly sized for little hands, the Mummy & Baby Ducks Bath Toy is sure to make a splash. Each bath toy is fully sealed to prevent mould.

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