Baby Born Deluxe Jeans Dress 43cm


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  • High-quality clothing for the BABY born branded doll.
  • For enhanced, diverse and long-lasting fun through play.
  • To fit all dolls up to 43cm.
  • Doll not included.
  • Age 3+ years


Baby Born Deluxe Jeans Dress 43cm

INtroducing Baby Born Deluxe Jeans Dress 43cm. It looks like a casual shirt, but it’s as chic as a blouse and as long as a dress. What could it be? A shirt dress, of course…
BABY born’s outfit in jeans look sports playful turn-ups on the arms, a symmetrical collar, sewn-on pockets and a belt to tie it all together. It is decorated with cute prints that look like sewn-on patches. Underneath, the little fashionista wears leggings with black and also white stripes along with white trainers. Finally Her head is adorned by a pink hat.

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A Little Bit About Baby Born!

Oue range of exciting dolls is sure to spark imaginative play and leave your child with a true friend throughout their early years. From Brothers and Sisters, to unicorns and mermaids, you can find lasting memories and perfect companionship with BABY born. Also playing with BABY born never gets boring. One day she is a baby that needs to be cared for, the next she is a friend and companion for great adventures both real and imaginary. There is the perfect Baby born for every age child.  Check out our full selection of  Baby Born dolls, accessories, clothes and more here.