Aquabeads Day On The Farm


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  • Set of over 3,500 beads to arrange into farm-themed designs you can play with
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, imaginative play
  • Arrange beads onto design grid, spray with water
  • When beads dry, they become a solid trinket you can play with
  • Follow templates to create all kinds of farm animals, buildings, and equipment
  • Attach beads to 2-piece display base – Arrange them into a beautiful farm scene!
  • Everything can be stored inside the sturdy, snap-shut bucket
  • Includes 3,500+ Aquabeads, 2-piece display stand, spray bottle, design grid, bucket with lid
  • Double-sided instructions/template sheet included
  • High-quality materials – Exceptional craft-and-play experience


Aquabeads Day On The Farm

Aquabeads Day On The Farm. Follow the included templates to create horses, cattle, pigs, dogs, chickens, a truck, an apple tree, a red barn, and so much more. Or, get creative and invent your own designs. Inspire creativity with Aquabeads Day on the Farm. The original “”stick with water”” arts and crafts bead activity toy. The Day on the Farm set includes over 3500 star, solid, and jewel beads in 35 colors, creation displays, design pegs, layout tray, sprayer, template sheet with instructions. Star Beads look like little stars and can be used to show texture with Aquabeads. And brand new Aquabeads creations are possible!

Make creations featuring farm theme, such as horses, sheepdog, sheep, cow, and a pig. Following the template design, place the beads onto the layout tray with fingers to create your design. Using the sprayer, spray water onto the beads to make them magically stick together! When the bead creations are completely dried after 60 minutes, carefully take the creation off from the tray and decorate onto the creation display with design pegs. Creation display instantly becomes a great display to keep your Aquabeads creations! Suitable for children aged four years and over.