4M Crystal Growing Kit


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  • A fun, sparkling chemistry experiment
  • Grow your colorful crystals in the container provided
  • Assorted colors (Red, White and Blue)
  • Only one colour will be supplied
  • Size, shape and colour will vary depending on experimental conditions
  • Ages 10+


4M Crystal Growing Kit

4M Crystal Growing Kit. Grow your own sparkling crystal in the container provided. The kit includes 3 coloured crystal seeding mixtures. This allows for many different colour possibilities. It’s a fun sparkling chemistry experiment. Defy gravity and learn about magnetic levitation technology with this fascinating and fun kit. Build a floating and rotating pencil and also levitating screw that floats and rotates mid air. Construct a magnet model which explains the working principle of the fastest land vehicle on earth and more with this cool kit! It will provide endless hours of fun and will stimulate creativity.

4M aim to make education and learning fun. They have a number of fun games and science focused activity kits that allow children to experiment and discover for themselves. They have science for kids covered and have cleverly crafted the scientific processes and theories of Biology, Chemistry and Physics into their activity kits so children can learn whilst having fun.

Suitable for children with an interest in Science & Chemistry. 4M Stem products provide high quality educational kits that increase awareness and interest in science. Learn about chemistry with our hands-on crystal growing kit which complies with all UK safety standards