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Skates and skateboards are an easy way for your kids to get exercise whilst having fun! Browse our range of kids skateboard, long boards, penny boards and roller skates.

Skate in style and comfort. Our quad Skates are adjustable allowing your little one to enjoy them for an extended period before needing to upgrade. Ideal for beginners, not only are they comfortable and eye catching, they easily adjust. It is important that the roller skate fits the child. Our skates and Skateboards are stable and easy to stand on.

Skateboard size recommendations. Ages 3-5: Consider a mini-cruiser with a deck length of 22-27 inches. Ages 5-8: Pick a wider standard deck from 28-32 inches long. Ages 8-12: Go for a standard popsicle deck about 30-33 inches long. Ages 12+: Choose deck sizes in the 31-33 inch range depending on riding style. More importantly please don’t forget about safety. We also stock helmets & protective gear

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