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Trikes have been on the market for hundreds of years, improving through the ages. It was actually invented before the 2 wheel bicycle. It originated in Germany in 1680. The very first one was powered by hand cranks. Later, the more modern version, with pedals was invented. A three-wheeled bicycle, or tricycle, is also known as a “trike.” Besides having three wheels instead of two, trikes sit their riders lower to the ground than a typical bicycle. This provides a more comfortable position.
Today there is a huge range of trikes available to buy, including larger ones for adults, ones that hold several people, and smaller ones for children. There are Trikes for smaller kids that have straps, which grows with the child as they get older the straps are removed and they can peddle themselves. Some come with canopies for the summer and little storage pouches. They come in all colours and sizes, the choices are endless! From Smoby to Rolly, we sell a wide range of trikes in our stores and on our website.
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