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Schleich Farm World

In the Schleich FARM WORLD there’s always something afoot! There are cows, horses, dogs, cats and ducks on this giant well-equipped farmstead.  Schleich Farm World figurines are some of the most sought after toys in the animal figurine world. Each figurine is painted by hand and has been professionally sculpted with life-like details. Schleich figures are of excellent quality.

The Schleich range consists of Schleich Bayala, Schleich Dinosaurs, Schleich Eldrador, Schleich Farm, Schleich Horse Club, Schleich Oceanlife, Schleich Wildlife. It covers everything from Horses, Wild animals / Adventure Toys, Farm Animals / Farm Yoys, Monsters and dragons, Mythical creatures and Dinosaurs and Volcanos.

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