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Millwood Crafts

Millwood Crafts products are handcrafted quality and durable wooden toys. The range consists of farm sheds, cattle marts, cattle pens, also milking parlours and more. Their products are manufactured in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The uniqueness and quality is demonstrated in each handcrafted piece right from the working gates to the light bulbs.  Their products are also Safety Standard Tested. They are also suitable for children as young as three years and up. Millwood Crafts has also developed it’s products with assistance rom CAFRE. Check out our selection of Millwood Craft here. Millwood Craft products are also compatible with SikuBritains and Wiking (1:32 scale) farm models. Millwood farm products are also compatible with Schleich figures. Check out our selection of compatible Schleich Farm Animals and Playsets here.

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