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Monster Trucks

hot wheels monster trucks

Giant wheels and rad details amp up the collecting and crashing stunt play! Hot Wheels trucks provide kids with an outlet for their imagination. Just like with Hot Wheels cars and pickup trucks, Hot Wheels monster truck toys are available in a wide range of styles. Trucks can be purchased separately or parents can pick up a monster truck playset.

Accessories are an integral part of creating a pretend-play world. Mattel has landscape pieces and other accessories to go with monster truck toys. With plenty of accessories and scenery options, kids can take their imagination to new heights and explore virtually endless possibilities.

For example, kids could use play raceways to stage races, with an area for Hot Wheels monster trucks. Hot Wheels cars and passenger trucks are easily arranged in a parking lot for a realistic event scene. If kids want figures or dolls to go with their trucks, Mattel has a wide selection.

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