X-Shot Royale Edition Double Kickback includes 8 Darts


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  • The Gold plating finish allows you to stand out from the crowd and have the most unique blasters.
  • Dart-Range Award Winner with shooting power up to 90ft/27m.
  • When you fire the blaster the power sends a recoil function through the shell, unleashing a trigger effect on the body of the blaster.
  • Ages 8+


Royale Edition Double Kickback

The X-Shot Kickback Royale Edition is the perfect small blaster that packs enough power to take on targets 27 meters / 90 feet away! In fact, it packs so much power that it actually Kickbacks when fired! It comes with a premium chrome gold plating so you stand out from the crowd. Easy to reload, it also has a bottom dart storage to quickly get back into action and take down a few enemies before they take you!

Royale Edition Double Kickback are engineered to shoot further, faster & more accurately. And also delivering maximum capacity and elaborate features to up the fun while blasting the competition away. The X-Shot brand tries to always reinvent how blasters and their features are made. Their goal is to always deliver new ways of blasting to their fans and drive the blaster game to the next level. Their mission is to deliver an unbeatable value to our fans worldwide. They want to truly up their game with a combination of design excellence, market leading quality & unbeatable value.

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