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Zuru X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire Blaster (48 Darts)


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  • Contents: X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire Blaster, 48x Foam Darts
  • Push down the trigger and use the top priming mechanism to blast 20 darts in seconds
  • The X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire has a 20-dart capacity in its auto-rotating barrel plus an extra 8 dart storage
  • Can strike targets up to 27m away
  • Comes with 48 darts to keep you filled all battle
  • Ages 8+


Zuru X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire Blaster (48 Darts)

Introducing the Zuru X-Shot Excel Turbo Fire Blaster (48 Darts). The X-Shot Excel Turbo Blaster Turbo Fire is what all blaster fans have been waiting for. It combines High accuracy blasting and also the ultimate Slam Fire mechanism in one single blaster. Use the single-shot function with the sleek pop-upsight to sharp shoot any opponent from up to 90ft/27m away. When the heat of battle intensifies, unleash your rotating 20-dartbarrel with SlamFire and take out the enemy with a storm of flying darts. This blaster gives you the chance to sharp-shoot opponents.

X-Shot Excel Turbo Blaster are also engineered to shoot further, faster & more accurately whilst delivering maximum capacity and elaborate features to up the fun while blasting the competition away. The X-Shot brand also tries to always reinvent how blasters and their features are made. Their goal is to always deliver new ways of blasting to their fans and drive the blaster game to the next level. Their mission is to deliver an unbeatable value to our fans worldwide. They want to truly up their game with a combination of design excellence, market leading quality & unbeatable value.

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