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YVolution Y Glider Deluxe Green


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  • Y Glider customizable scooter makes the perfect scooter for beginners
  • Learn, Grow, Pro patented steering system makes for safer, smoother operation
  • Equipped with 3 wheels for maximum control
  • Extra-wide deck, rear break, and rear wheel for added stability
  • Size: 21.06 x 10.24 x 26.97 cm;
  • Ages 3+ years


YVolution Y Glider Deluxe Green

This sleek YVolution Y Glider Deluxe Green three-wheeled kids scooter comes with the latest comforts including easy grip handlebars, extra wide deck for safety and a rear foot brake. There’s even a choice of 12 vibrant inserts for the front wheel and a customisable fender cap to add the final touch of personality.

Y Glider Deluxe combines the fun of regular scooters with a patented design that helps kids develop physical skills. Our ‘learn, grow, pro’ system lets you set the lean of the steering to challenge your child every step of the way.

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