Xootz Folding Scooter With LED Lights


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  • Contains: Xootz Folding Scooter With LED Lights
  • Easy to fold up
  • LED wheels
  • Rubber foam handles
  • Maximum load weight of 50 pounds
  • Strong frame
  • Age: 5 Years+


Xootz Folding Scooter With LED Lights

Introducing the Xootz Folding Scooter With LED Lights. This Cool stunt scooter with LED wheels that light up and flash when you ride. The scooter is nice and lightweight and is very easy to fold, so you can take it anywhere. The scooter has big wheels, foam handles and a handlebar that is adjustable in height. The scooter also has a foot brake on the rear wheel which ensures that you always and super safe braking.



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