X-Shot Excel Reflex 6


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  • Perfect and adve

ntures fun toy for the children.


  • It is made of durable and quality plastic material.
  • Darts are made of excellent light foam technology.
  • It improves your focus and concentration.
  • This indoor & outdoor playset makes you comfortable to play with it anywhere.
  • It has automatically barrel rotates when primed and blast six darts in quick succession.
  • The shotgun shoots up to 90ft/27m away with the accuracy.
  • It is an unstoppable load n lock shotgun that will help you to improve your shooting skills.
  • It comes with one popgun (reflex revolver), three target cans, and eight darts.
  • Age 8+ years


X-Shot Excel Reflex 6 is an adventure and fun toy set with one popgun, eight darts, and three target cans. It is manufactured with high quality and durable plastic material, and the darts are made of light foam technology. X-Shot REFLEX REVOLVER has a rotating barrel that rotates automatically to ensure you lose no time in the process. You can play with it with hit targets from up to 90ft/27m, giving an absolute perfect firing rate. X-Shot Excel Reflex 6 helps you to develop gaming skills and makes you more active.

This action reflex revolver is the best weapon of choice when it comes to battling amongst the opponents. To buy X-Shot Reflex 6 online in India, you can rely on Big Value Shop. X-Shot Reflex 6 price is affordable, and that’s why low-budget customers prefer this item. You can place the order here and get extra discounts and benefits.

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