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Wiking 1:32 Class Trion 720 Montana W/Convio 1080 & Trolley


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  • Model brand / code: Wiking 7857
  • Model construction: Diecast Metal & Plastic
  • Model scale: 1:32
  • Age rating: 14+


Wiking 1:32 Class Trion 720 Montana W/Convio 1080 & Trolley

Wiking 1:32 Class Trion 720 Montana W/Convio 1080 & Trolley. Just as customers have come to expect, WIKING provides for an effective mix of die-cast zinc components and plastic elements. Which have all been fitted by hand. The filigree craftsmanship is finished off by the detailed imprints. WIKING is furnishing the wheeled version of the large-scale prototype with chassis slope compensation. It goes without saying that WIKING outfits the Claas Trion 720 Montana with the Convio 1080 cutting unit with matching cutting unit trolley. Creating a combination that is true to the original.

Examples include the cab, which boasts a level of elaborate and true-to-the-original miniaturisation that harmoniously complements all technical design elements of the cockpit. It goes without saying that the exterior mirrors along with the chassis elements have been attached as fully moving parts. The spring-mounted wheels and axles, but also the individual wheels, showcase perfectly the ease with which the machine’s real-life sibling passes over obstacles. The grain tank can be opened to illustrate the machine’s operation while harvesting crops. In the same vein, the harvesting header can be attached to the chassis mount. When the job is done, the Convio 1080 cutting unit can be loaded back onto the cutting unit trolley to prepare the machine for road transport.

Wiking Logo - Treckersammlung

Today, the WIKING “heart” belongs to the Sieper Group – well known for toy models of the brand “siku”. There, the amazing models will be designed and produced. Every two months new models are also available for dealers and collectors. Fire brigade vehicles and cars, but also cutting-edge tractors or multi-faceted classics are among them.  And of course the popular reproduction of long-forgotten models.

The 1:32 scale, successfully launched in 2007 and initially limited to agricultural models, will be further expanded in the future. In cooperation with the original manufacturers of agricultural machinery and equipment, WIKING has always tried to realize the most attractive products and “lighthouse projects” to 1:32 scale.