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Turbo Bubble Blaster Assorted


3 in stock

  • Perfect for summer holiday fun
  • Bring it with you to the park, playground or camping
  • An exceptional gift for kids
  • Blows long continous bubbles
  • Includes 118ml Bubble solution


Turbo Bubble Blaster Assorted

This Turbo Bubble Blaster Assorted gun is a perfect garden/outdoor fun toy for kids to make giant bubbles. A fun-filled party toy for get-togethers and family fun! The bubble blowing gun comes with a bubble blower liquid solution for the most amazing bubbles.  Colours may vary. One supplied and selected at random. This is an  ideal toy for children and is sure to provide hours of fun and also entertainment. it is suitable for children aged 3 years and over. This Blaster includes 118ml Bubble solution, it requires 2 AA batteries ( Not Included)


The Benefits of Bubble Play

Bubbles are an easy way to introduce sensory play to your child. They can see the iridescent colors of the bubble. They can feel them as they pop on their hands and bodies. Asking what they see and feel will help children learn how to communicate what they are experiencing.

Playing with bubbles is a simple experience for children to explore fine motor skills. This involves the capacity to control the small muscles in the hand and fingers needed for specific movements, like holding the bubble wand with one hand and blowing to make bubbles. And also bubbles are just great fun for everyone. 
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