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Trampoline Anchor Kit


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  • Anchor Kit for all Trampoline Types
  • Comes with 3 straps and 3 buckles.


Trampoline Anchor Kit

Introducing the Trampoline Anchor Kit. These spiral anchors are easy to assemble. Just screw the steel anchor into the ground. Connect the strap to the loop on the anchors and to the trampoline frame. Use the adjustable buckles according to your preferences and to the height of your trampoline.

This anchor kit can be used for all brands of trampolines & other outdoor items that need to be anchored down with a maximum height of 34 (83.8cm).

Trampoline Spares

Please note that these spare parts are for the 13ft pro bounce trampolines that we stock in our stores. If you are unsure if these parts are compatible for your trampoline then please reach out to us directly via the contact form on our site and we will do our utmost to advise you accordingly.

Spares include springs, rods, surround pads, trampoline nets, bounce mats, caps and much more. Please browse our range of trampoline spare parts below. Simply contact our team if you require further information about any of our trampolines, or spare parts. To view our full range of Trampolines and Trampoline Spare Parts then please click on the link provided.

Staying safe

Don’t forget to make sure your little ones play safely. Always use a safety net to prevent falls off the trampoline. Supervise your child and make sure they take a rest from trampolining. only allow one child at a time to use the trampoline. Tell them to only bounce on the middle of the trampoline. Small children, including toddlers, should never use a trampoline. They have a higher risk of getting injured due to their small size.