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Tonies Starter Set Grey


  • Contents: 1 x Toniebox, 1x Creative Tonie, 1x charging station
  • Place a Tonie on the speaker for music and stories
  • Simple controls, no bright screens and WiFi free play
  • Take stories anywhere with up to 7 hours battery life
  • Creative Tonie with space for 90 minutes of audio
  • Store up to 400 hours of content on your Toniecloud
  • Record and playback your own fun messages
  • Headphone jack and auto switch-off
  • Free Tonies® app for iOS 9 and Android™ 4.4 and later
  • Dimensions: 12Lx12Wx12Hcm
  • Age 3+ Years


So the question was this: in the era of smartphones and tablets, why do children still have to fiddle around with flimsy silver discs to listen to audiobooks and music? And on boring CD players which are actually anything but suitable for children?

The Toniebox is so easy to use that even 2 year old toddlers can play around with the Toniebox immediately.

To start they need to place a Tonie or Creative Tonie on top on a LED-marked field. It immediately starts playing. Take it off, it stops playing. The Toniebox is smart enough to remember where you stopped. To turn the volume they press the ears, the little one for down and the big one for up. By tapping the sides you can switch tracks.

Toniebox helps you getting your child to bed

Did you know, that it takes on average 94 minutes for parents to get their children from getting them in their pajamas to falling asleep?

In times of Smartphones storytelling is still the preferred way to bring kids to sleep uncovered a survey by tonies. Listening with a child to a pre-recorded tale, provides a foundation for physical and emotional closeness. A good start for a good night’s sleep

A brilliant sound even at very low volume

That’s why the engineers of the Toniebox paid high attention to the sound, also when used at very low volume during bed time. Toniebox has got a brilliant sound that makes fun at reasonable volume as well as very low volume. Toniebox allows parents to define a maximum volume via App.