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Standard delivery within 1-3 days.

Sylvanian Families Hot Dog Van


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* Hot Dog Van

* Special shop manager uniform and sun visor

* Menu

* Two bottles of ketchup and mustard

* A cup of orange juice and a cup of tea

* Tong

* Eight hot dog wrappers

* Six snack wrappers

* Three sausages

* Three buns

* Two pretzels

* Five kinds of hot dogs

* Two waffles

* Rabbit-shaped waffle and squirrel-shaped waffle


Get it while it’s hot! Cedric Walnut is cooking up snacks for Sylvanians on their way to and from adventures in Sea Breeze Cape. Complete with rabbit-shaped waffles, plenty of hot dogs, pretzels, buns, and snacks too, your Sylvanians can enjoy the perfect sunny day and munch on these tasty treats too!