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Super Zings Assemble


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  • Includes exclusive “ultra rare” SuperZings character, Mr King.
  • Gather your team and lead them to victory!
  • For 2-4 players
  • No batteries required
  • Contents: 1 x Game Board with Pressmatic® dice popper, 4 x character playing pieces & stands, 1 x unique Mr King figure, 9 Lightning cards, 16 x Team cards.
  • Age 4+ Years


Choose a character and lay the 4 matching coloured playing cards, die face up, in front of you. Take turns popping the Pressmatic and moving around the gameboard. If you land on your colour, try and pop the same number as on one of your cards. If successful, turn the card over. The first player to turn over and assemble all their team wins the game!