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Star Wars Lightsabre Force Darth Maul


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  • Master 1000s of combinations
  • With parts and pieces that are compatible across the entire Lightsaber Force line, kids can mix and match
  • Ages 4 and up


Star Wars Lightsabre Force Darth Maul

Star Wars Lightsabre Force Darth MaulImagine your very own roleplay duels with this epic Star Wars Lightsaber Forge Extendable Roleplay Replica, inspired by the iconic Darth Maul from Star Wars. The Clone Wars. Kids can create their own Lightsaber and imagine the most awesome battles. With customisable roleplay toys inspired by the Jedi and Sith weapons from the Star Wars Galaxy. Shop the full range online and instore. Each set sold individually. Suitable from ages three years and above.

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A little bit about Star Wars

Star Wars toys are based on the story of the original trilogy which focuses on Luke Skywalker’s quest to become a Jedi.  His struggle with the evil Imperial agent Darth Vader, and also the struggle of the Rebel Alliance to free the galaxy from the clutches of the Galactic Empire.  Get ready and just to lightspeed.On the surface, the Star Wars story premise is that of the classic conflict of good versus evil. Within this core-shell of a story; however, there are also several interwoven themes and subplots. Expand your Star Wars collection with our new Star Wars toys & action figure, characters, costumes, soft toys and more.