Spy X Spy Wrist Talkies


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  • Hands-free secret communication
  • 8-1 Wrist Walkie Talkies disguised as a real working digital watch
  • Talk live or send a Morse code secret message
  • Flip up screen protector / Magnifying Glass / LED Light / Secret Message Capsule / Tiny Mirror
  • Fixed antenna for communication up to 60 meters away
  • Collect all the SpyX items & prepare yourself for the next mission
  • SpyX Spy Wrist Talkie 2X (batteries included)
  • Age 6+ Years


Spy X Spy Wrist Talkies

Introducing the Spy X Spy Wrist Talkies. SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets needed to spy like a pro. Playing spy is a fun way for kids to use their imagination while learning valuable skills through role play. Fun toy for ages 6+. Collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate spy play experience!

SPY COMMS ON THE GO – SpyX Wrist Talkies let you talk to fellow agents even when on the go! The Wrist Talkies are disguised as Digital Watches and come with a comfortable adjustable strap.

SEND SECRET MESSAGES – Talk directly to other agents using the Walkie-Talkies or use the LED light button to send silent Morse Code messages. There is a full Morse Code alphabet included in the Instruction Manual which you can learn to use.

WATCH FEATURES- The watch has a Fixed Antenna to allow for communication up to 60m. There is a Built-in Microphone, Speaker and LED Light Button in the Digital Watch as well as a Flip Up protective screen Bezel.

VALUABLE ROLE PLAY – Playing as a spy is a fun way for kids to learn valuable skills as they create their own imaginative adventures. All SpyX toy gadgets are for children ages 6+.

SPY GADGETS RANGE – SpyX provides junior agents with all of the gadgets needed for their many adventures. The SpyX range contains lots of exciting gadgets and gizmos so collect all SpyX toys for the ultimate secret agent experience.