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Spring Tool for 13ft Pro Bounce Trampoline


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  • Spring Tool ( Part numbers 14 ) for 13ft Pro bounce trampolie


Spring Tool for 13ft Pro Bounce Trampoline.

Introducing the Spring Tool for 13ft Pro Bounce Trampoline. Spare part for the 13ft foot pro bounce trampoline that is sold in our World of Wonder stores. The Spring Tool helps you attach the spring to the trampoline frame and jumping mat. Easy on the hands. Made completely out of steel. Thick and durable spring tool. Please measure your springs from hook to hook if you are buying these for another make of trampoline. When determining the number of springs of your trampoline count the number of toprails on your trampoline and mulitply that number by the number of spring holes in each toprail. Please remember when measuring your springs to measure an unstretched or undamaged spring.

The easy to use Spring Pulling tool will help you install springs on your trampoline in no time.

Trampoline springs are designed to attach your trampoline bed to the trampoline frame, ensuring kids can bounce. All our Jumpking Trampoline parts are highly resilient, however a spring many need replacing overtime, or perhaps you’d prefer to replace a full set regularly depending on its frequent use.

If you have any queries about parts for a 13ft trampoline please email us directly via the contact form on our site and we will do our best to accomodate you.